The Bar Rag 6/30/2020

I’ve decided to start writing weekly blog posts because lately my life is a hollow shell that lacks any meaning or direction WHATSOEVER. SO NOW YOU ALL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT BY READING MY CRAP!

Each installment will be a list of five to ten things that caught my attention in some way. Could be an interesting article, a song, a movie I found amazing OR terrible, or just a short rant about how my neighbors are awful people. Hope you enjoy!
– Chris

10. BioShock 2 (and really just video games in general)

One weird thing about me is that I do really enjoy playing video games, but I DO NOT enjoy spending hundreds of dollars on them. To combat this issue I play mostly older consoles, like Xbox 360 currently, where you can get the games for relatively cheap. So when the shelter in place order came I decided to buy some new games to pass the time.
What I’m getting at is I’ve been playing through BioShock 2, and it’s not bad.
I really haven’t played Xbox consistently until just recently, and I’m starting to discover how useful it can be as a distraction from all the crazy shit going on. I’m not saying that people should block out the entire world for days on end, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed maybe just fire up an old game and take a break for an hour?

9. JQBX App

I found this app when searching for “turntable fm” and it’s pretty cool. Turntable was a website back in the day where you could play and listen to music online with other people, and sadly it shut down. JQBX is essentially the same thing with slightly different mechanics, and you can also download the app to your phone. It works really well at parties as sort of a jukebox. Check it out!

8. This song might make you cry but hey, maybe you need a good cry….

7. Unf*ck Yourself By Gary John Bishop

I’ve been trying to read more lately and Audible is a good way to cheat while still absorbing the whole book. If you feel like you’ve been in a rut lately I recommend checking out this book, its a quick 3.5 hour listen. Don’t lie, you’ve done worse things for longer.

6. The Lovebirds

If you’re looking for a random rom-com to watch on date night then check this movie out. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, you lazy fuck. Just watch it and if you end up hating it then you can take it out on me via social media or whatever outlet you use to express pure disgust towards articles of performance art. Trust me I can handle it.

5. This Shit is HILARIOUS


4. It Started As a Joke

Are you ready to cry more?
For those of you not familiar with Eugene Mirman he is a comic who has had some very notable roles in shows such as Bob’s Burgers and Archer. Turns out he also put on a comedy festival from 2008 to 2017. This film documents that festival along with a few personal aspects of Eugene’s life and I swear to god if you watch this and feel nothing then you are dead inside. So you know, check it out.


2. By Nathan W. Pyle

1. George Floyd

I’ve really been struggling to come up with a way to perfectly express how I feel about everything that has been going on and I can honestly say that it was wrong of me to waste so much time. What happened wasn’t perfect. It was horrendous. My response does not have to be perfect and not responding, to me, is unacceptable. I do not choose to stay silent.
George Floyd was a human being who was treated as if the oxygen that gave life to his body was a privilege and not a right or even a human need. Maybe the officers involved didn’t think they would take part in a murder when they got out of bed on May 25th, but then they did. George Floyd’s name was then added to a list of unarmed black civilians who have been killed by police, a list that should not exist at all. Human beings treated inhumanely by civil servants who were charged with protecting and serving. Black bodies destroyed.
And I’m sorry. What happened to George Floyd has happened so many other times to other living and breathing human beings, the crimes being a product of systemic racism that has entrenched itself into the government that uses money out of my own pocket to operate, and I did nothing to fight it.

I did nothing.
I’ve been doing nothing my whole life when I know there are wrongs in the world and today I pledge to end my lack of action. I’ve decided to use my time and what funds I can to be an ally and anti-racist. Specifically I plan to educate myself and profile various hate groups and politicians who either directly incite or passively support racism and hate. STARTING WITH THAT FUCK ASS BIKER GANG THAT WAS IN STILLWATER. WHO ARE THESE LOSERS?! FUCKIN SCRAM!

To George, I wish what happened hadn’t happened. I wish Minneapolis wasn’t on the national stage. But, I won’t wish for things to go back to “the way they used to be” because you deserved better then and you deserve better now. I promise I won’t forget.

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